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Entrepreneur. Muslim. Woman. Impact: Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on your recent victory.

Like many others, I remain hopeful that, despite your administration’s numerous missteps during your first month in office and despite several indications to the contrary, you do aspire to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. I am writing to you today with a request that you use your business acumen to support sustainable development in communities across the globe in need by promoting investment in enterprises that aim to create positive impacts on society and the environment.

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Can Big Corporations Save Us from Climate Change?

Hope is a rare commodity in these times. Despite the growing awareness of the global socio-economic-environmental challenges, the poor economic climate is causing philanthropy budgets to come under pressure—for individuals, governments, and not least, corporations. With respect to the last, it portends the end of CSR as we know it – which could, paradoxically, be a good trend. As traditional CSR that are token acts of corporate goodwill become financially burdensome, the need arises for “a system that draws in innovators and businesses… [with] a twin mission [of] making profits and also improving lives for those who don’t fully benefit from market forces”, as Bill Gates expressed cogently in his 2008 Davos speech.

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Farming Data: Cultivating Insights for Agriculture in Asia

Arthur Conan Doyle once quipped, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data”. We at IIX and IIX Foundation, formerly known Shujog, avoid this pitfall by harnessing and analyzing our data with the aim of informing investment decision-making and adding rigor and transparency to the impact investment space. As a pioneer in impact investing in Asia, we have access to a wealth of data collected through 8 years of impact assessments, capital raising and research activities. This includes a wide range of metrics related to the impact, return and risk of impact investments.

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The Power of Ideas: How Impact Entrepreneurs are Shaping India’s Climate Resilience Agenda?

India is taking decisive strides in shaping the global agenda on climate resilience. Climate resilience refers to the adoption of policies, governance and management structures at the national and community level to cope with the stresses imposed by climate change. To this end, the Indian government has prioritized ecological investments in its budgetary allocations through initiatives such as the Green Energy Corridor project, cleaning up the Ganges river, and investing in solar power projects.

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A Year in the Field

IIX and Shujog work together to help Impact Enterprises (IEs) across Asia become investment-ready by conducting on-the-ground impact assessments and providing technical assistance to help IEs raise capital to scale. In 2016, IIX & Shujog traveled to the field to support 13 IEs across five countries. Follow us as we recap the year through a photo journal that captures some of our favourite moments from our visits to incredible IEs throughout the region!

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Why invest in impact? – In Conversation with Mark Joenje, CEO of ICCO Investments

Why should investors join the impact investment movement? IIX interviewed ICCO Investments’ CEO, Mark Joenje, for a candid look into the opportunities and challenges for investors within the space.

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IIX Impact Institute: Join the Movement!

Over the years, impact investing has grown beyond entrepreneurs and investors, attracting an increasingly diverse array of stakeholders looking to play a catalytic role in the movement.

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Moving Beyond Good Intentions – Understanding the Importance of Impact Assessments

One of the major challenges surrounding the work we do in the impact investing space is measuring the actual impact we create and making the investor feel the importance and need for the impact assessment. It is a rather daunting task to assess social change, when “impact” is a fuzzy concept to quantify.

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Making Finance do Good…

I had a simple goal in life – to make finance do good for the world. That is why I joined Morgan Stanley at 21 and saw how finance brought amazing opportunities to the society (it did some bad things as well but let’s not go into that today). I wanted to take the magic of capital markets back to my poor country Bangladesh. Thus, with a head full of idealism and heart full of optimism, I left Morgan Stanley and returned to Bangladesh. There I joined Grameen Bank and worked on Grameen Bank’s first financing round, in effect bringing Grameen Bank to the world of capital. All this was almost 25 years ago and I am still at it. I still ardently believe that the right kind of investment capital and the emergence of social capital markets can make the world a more equitable place.  Interestingly it is happening now and it is happening through what is known as ‘impact investing’.

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10 Impact Terms You Need To Know

The first question anyone who is introduced to the impact investing world invariably asks is, ‘Can you have investments that can create immediate positive impact?’ and the second question is ‘Can you measure that impact?’. The answer to both these questions as we know is a resounding Yes, but then to explain how that happens takes a while – for most people the impact measurement field is a completely unknown one.  Thus, to grasp the nuances around it becomes difficult without understanding the basic terms.

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