Prof. Durreen Shahnaz connects the backstreets of the world to the Wall Streets of the world – ArtSteps

The esteemed professor and entrepreneur talks to Artsteps about her vision and the impact that the IIX Foundation has had on the lives of underprivileged women all over the world

By Annita Apostolaki

When Artsteps launched as a platform for the creation of 3D digital spaces to host virtual exhibitions, no one could imagine the massive interest and broad spectrum of user stories on the platform following the first Covid-19 lockdown. Presenting your content inside an Artsteps preset template or personally built space has become a form of creative expression for hundreds of thousands of forward-thinking web users, who acknowledge the importance of 3D digital environments in a globalised contemporary society that is increasingly looking for phygital experiences to boost engagement and raise awareness on issues affecting its vulnerable groups. Through this process, various initiatives have found a means to showcase the incredible work that they do to support these people and the impact that they have on their everyday lives all over the world.

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JAL Supporting Women Through SHE IS MORE Campaign – The People of Asia

Yap Sze Hunn the Regional Director of Asia & Oceania Region CX, Data Analytics & Marketing Department, Global Marketing Group of JAL speaks about JAL’s commitment and contribution to the society.

Yap Sze Hunn, Regional Director of Asia & Oceania Region CX, Data Analytics & Marketing Department, Global Marketing Group

What is JAL’s position on Gender Equality and Women empowerment?

As a company, Japan Airlines (JAL), has shown consistent commitment to diversity and inclusivity through various initiatives. The JAL D&I Lab was created in 2015, and the cross-functional team continues to charge ahead with a mission to promote diversity and inclusivity across all divisions within the JAL Group. We constantly work towards providing equal opportunities that transcend gender biasness.

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Supporting Women with Art and VR – Artsteps

Hosted on Artsteps, this year’s SHE IS MORE Global Youth Art Competition of the IIX Foundation raised funds to empower women in the global South

By Annita Apostolaki

Wonderful things happen when people with similar visions join forces. In Artsteps, we want to give to every web user the opportunity to take their first steps in the Metaverse and explore their creative skills by building 3D virtual environments to place their content and profit from it. That is why it was a pleasure to partner for a virtual exhibition with the IIX Foundation, a Singapore-based charity that gives underprivileged women and their grass roots initiatives access to resources and financial literacy, in order to help them achieve their potential and bring them to the forefront of capital markets, as a form of sustainable investment.

Detail of the VR gallery created by the IIX Foundation for the exhibition of the awarded works at the SHE IS MORE 2022 youth art competition

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SHE IS MORE 2022 Celebrates Women’s Resilience with ~250 Youth Artists Worldwide


SHE IS MORE 2022 Celebrates Women’s Resilience with ~250 Youth Artists Worldwide


Since the launch of the third SHE IS MORE Global Youth Art Competition in April 2022, we’ve received youth art submissions from the streets of Ukraine to the islands of Indonesia. Up to 250 pieces of artwork from young and budding artists across the world celebrated untold stories of women’s resilience.

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) Foundation’s annual flagship competition, SHE IS MORE 2022, officially closed to entries in October, and the long-awaited list of winners is finally out. 

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SHE IS MORE Youth Art Competition Winners 2022



We received up to 250 pieces of artwork from all of you across 32 countries that celebrated women and inclusivity through art.

SHE IS MORE 2022 was themed Resilience, and each and every single entry received by all the participants pays tribute to women who are standing tall in a society with greater gender disparities.

We are proud to announce the winners of the competition. We value the hard work and commitment the youth has put into creating these wonderful pieces of art.

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Alliance Magazine – Alliance partners with global women’s empowerment campaign, SHE IS MORE 2022

Alliance magazine has partnered with IIX Foundation and its annual flagship programme, SHE IS MORE 2022, to celebrate women and youth through art. This global art competition invites young artists across the world to share their voices through personal pieces of visual art that celebrate the value of inclusivity. The theme, Resilience, will shine a light on and celebrate untold stories of human resilience across the world.

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People of Asia – Improving Livelihoods and Empowering Women as the Changemakers of the World

IIX Foundation’s SHE IS MORE supports women across all stages of their journey to empowerment to transform themselves, their futures and to create a gender equal world.

Women are one of the key drivers of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By putting women at the forefront of capital markets, the world can move towards a more inclusive and climate-resilient future for all. However, this valuable segment of society is also the most vulnerable as many lack the necessary resources and even face adversities in their livelihoods to fully unlock their potential.

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People of Asia – The Unspoken Power of the Youth: Shaping Tomorrow’s Changemakers Starts Now

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Children are the ones who have the power to change the world they want to live in for themselves and for the community that surrounds them. Considering that their behavior and perception of the world is shaped at a young age, educating them on social issues at a young age is pivotal in their development and improvement of their lives globally.

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SHE IS MORE 2022: Global Partners Unite to Celebrate the Value of Women

SHE IS MORE 2022 is a global initiative to celebrate the value of women through art and improve their livelihoods. This will not be made possible without the support of our charitable partners who have rallied to amplify this mission to greater heights. With that, we’re proud to announce the renowned brands who have extended their support in the name of gender-equality and sustainable development. 

Let’s get to know more about these partners!

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Meet the Judges for SHE IS MORE 2022

SHE IS MORE 2022 is proud to present our panel of judges who have returned to join in on the mission to celebrate women’s RESILIENCE through art. They will be lending their expertise to judge the visual art submissions from youth artists worldwide. 

Each judge has been selected due to their integrity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of visual arts. Get to know more about their backgrounds and what drew them to becoming an artist.

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