SHE IS MORE 2022 Celebrates Women’s Resilience with ~250 Youth Artists Worldwide


Since the launch of the third SHE IS MORE Global Youth Art Competition in April 2022, we’ve received youth art submissions from the streets of Ukraine to the islands of Indonesia. Up to 250 pieces of artwork from young and budding artists across the world celebrated untold stories of women’s resilience.

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) Foundation’s annual flagship competition, SHE IS MORE 2022, officially closed to entries in October, and the long-awaited list of winners is finally out. 

This global art competition invites youth from across the globe to share their voices through personal pieces of visual art that celebrate inclusivity and women’s empowerment. This year, we received up to 250 pieces of artwork from across 32 countries. The esteemed judges for SHE IS MORE 2022 judged the winners on the basis of their visual composition and presentation, technique, creativity and originality, and the overall message and relevance of their artwork. 

SHE IS MORE 2022 was themed Resilience, to celebrate untold stories of human resilience across the world. Each and every participant paid tribute to women who are standing tall in a society with greater gender disparities. Launched in 2019, SHE IS MORE is IIX Foundation’s flagship program that aims to celebrate the value of women through art. Proceeds from the program go towards helping to develop resilient communities in Asia, Africa, and North America; giving women on those continents a voice to build a better life and a better future. To date, hundreds of youth from across the globe have participated in SHE IS MORE competitions, and have helped raise close to USD 100,000 for underserved women and communities in the Global South.

We celebrate the sheer talent and hard work put in by every single participant and would like to thank all those who sent their entries into the competition.

Congratulations to all the SHE IS MORE youth art competition winners! 

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IIX Foundation is dedicated to supporting women across all stages of their journey to empowerment. Our focus on the celebration and self-empowerment of women helps them gain respect, ensures their rights, and allows them to make the leap towards a journey of sustainability through economic empowerment — whilst also empowering others around them, enabling more resilient communities to be built in the process. 



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