In 2021, we supported various grassroots organizations through funding digital and financial literacy initiatives for women across Asia and Africa — marking an expansion of our impact footprint across continents.


Using the proceeds for SHE IS MORE 2020, IIX Foundation will be continuing its support for SUROVI, enabling another 120 women to access 18,000 hours of computer and digital literacy training across 6 months

Rare Skin Society Singapore Art Therapy Program

Part of the proceeds raised from SHE IS MORE 2020 will also go towards supporting an art therapy program with Rare Skin Conditions Society Singapore, an established society and support group for patients and families with incurable rare skin conditions. ~24 mothers of patients will receive  ~70 hours of art therapy, allowing them to find healing, relief, and empowerment through creative expression

Rego Foundation 

2021 also marks IIX Foundation’s first foray into supporting local grassroots organizations in Africa. Proceeds raised from SHE IS MORE 2020 will go towards funding a 9 month-long financial literacy program for 600 women in underserved communities in Uganda, aimed at enabling them to increase their ability to manage finances, their means of livelihoods, as well as promote financial inclusion through facilitating access to financial institutions and capital loans.

Donations to FIRST and India COVID-19 Resilience Funding

  • IIX Foundation has also made a donation to the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Type (FIRST)’s Diya and Aliya Fund (DAF), providing financial assistance to 6 families with afflicted children to defray the cost of purchasing lotions, medicines and treatment necessities for maintenance 
  • IIX Foundation also recognizes the need to provide timely assistance to communities grappling with severe outbreaks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a 1:1 matching fundraiser, IIX Foundation supported non-profits providing critical and timely relief to patients and their families in India amid its second wave. Collectively, IIX Foundation was able to provide 5 oxygen concentrators for up to 2,500 patients as well as 75 medical kits. 

Rani’s Story (Surovi)

For many people like Rani, who live in hard-to-reach, underserved communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh, access to technology—and the myriad opportunities it brings—remain out of reach. We want to help women like Rani to improve their confidence to access new and better-paying employment opportunities, and build better lives for their families.

In the capital of Dhaka, which has over 3.5 million people living in the slums, women in particular lack access to quality education and are mostly employed as domestic or garment workers. IIX is providing over 120 women with access to basic computer and digital literacy training over six months.

Beth’s Story (Rego Foundation)

Through funding access to aspects of education such as financial literacy, together, we are helping rural female entrepreneurs like Beth improve their ability to manage money well, and be financially empowered with confidence to build a better future for herself and her family through accessing higher productivity jobs or engaging in entrepreneurship. 

*At completion, the SheBoss program with Rego Foundation is expected to help 600 rural female entrepreneurs become self-sufficient, as well as gain access to financial institutions and capital loans.

Support Women in their Journey to Empowerment

At IIX, we believe women are at the heart of the solution for a more inclusive world. Your donation helps support women across all stages of their journey to empowerment to transform themselves, their futures and to create a gender equal world. Donate in one of these ways:

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