In 2022, we supported organizations from all over the world that are dedicated to empowering women at all stages of their empowerment journey, as they transform themselves, their futures, and work to create a gender equal world for the next generation.

Surovi | Bangladesh

Surovi is a child rights and wellbeing organization impacting 25,000 women and children in Bangladesh. With IIX Foundation’s support, Surovi will provides computer literacy training to 120 women from low-income communities in 2 schools to empower them towards employment and entrepreneurship. The training covers key skills such as basic knowledge of computers and operating systems, typing, word processing, using spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

Diya & Aliya’s Friends (DAF) Fund | USA

FIRST Skin Foundation has established the Diya & Aliya’s Friends (DAF) Fund to help alleviate part of the financial burden that may be faced by families with children affected with ichthyosis around the world. 6 families received financial assistance with access to necessary medical necessities for maintenance such as lotions, medicine, and treatment.

Project X | Singapore

Project X is a non-profit organization with the mission to eradicate violence, exploitation and stigma within the Singapore sex industry by providing social, emotional, and health services. The IIX Foundation enabled the provision of mental health treatment to marginalized women in this community by supporting Project X’s Art Therapy for Sex Workers Program in their delivery of 30 individual and group art psychotherapy sessions.

Support Women in their Journey to Empowerment

At IIX, we believe women are at the heart of the solution for a more inclusive world. Your donation helps support women across all stages of their journey to empowerment to transform themselves, and their futures and to create a gender-equal world. Donate in one of these ways:

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