Sustainable peace can be achieved, but it requires all hands on deck. In 2015 alone, the economic impact of violence to the global economy was $13.6 trillion, the equivalent of $5 per day for every person on the planet, or 11 times the size of global foreign direct investment.

To prevent conflict and achieve sustainable peace, we must...

Shift the focus from ending war to building peace

Transition from spending on relief efforts to investing in resilient communities that reduce the core risk of conflict

Evolve from relying solely on political institutions for answers today to empowering everyone to be a part of the solution for a better world

Innovative finance is a tool that can harness the power of financial markets to drive these necessary transformations and advance the global peacebuilding agenda

Support the Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative to put down our weapons and pick up this tool for a peaceful future.

About the Initiative

The Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative is a 5-year initiative led by IIX Foundation that will use innovative financial mechanisms to unlock $1 billion, impacting 100 million lives, to drive forward sustainable peacebuilding efforts across the globe – in post-conflict countries, countries with high-risk of conflict and countries seeking to mitigate rising threats of violence by creating systemic social-economic resilience.


To effectively use financial markets to drive sustainable peace worldwide by creating ‘businessworthy’ companies, equal communities and a resilient planet for all


To embed a gender-lens to peacebuilding and shift the narrative from viewing women as victims of war to recognizing women as solutions to achieving peace


To galvanize key actors across sectors to jointly create innovative financial products for peace

Endorsed By

The Pledge for Peace

I pledge to support The Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative led by IIX Foundation that will use innovative financial mechanisms to drive forward sustainable peacebuilding efforts across the globe.

Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace Initiative

Everyone can play a role in supporting Innovative Finance for Sustainable Peace. Sign the petition now to show your support!

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