Supporting Women as Agents of Change

Women have been identified as the one of the keys to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). However, this valuable part of society is also the most vulnerable. 

“The forgotten victims of climate change” are also the catalyst to the change we need to see in the world.

We need to support these women and empower them. Allow them to grow in their resilience and in turn drive resilience for economies towards climate change and building a better future for all. 

IIX Foundation, the charity arm of Impact Investment Exchange Pte Ltd (IIX), was launched to help these women re-establish themselves as active participants in our societies and economies.

Empowering Women - What do we mean?

Women can rise from being climate and economic refugees if given the right help. IIX works towards making finance work for the women in underserved communities – giving work, supporting them in their livelihoods. IIX Foundation works toward providing support to uplift them personally.

We empower them to:

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Create livelihoods


Rejoin the society


Become active participants of their economy

Our programs and initiatives are aimed at supporting women across all stages of their journey to empowerment primarily through

Training and Education for livelihoods

Art therapy for Mental Health

Health and well-being support

We work across race and borders to ensure this vulnerable, yet valuable segment of the population is given equal footing to thrive in their societies and on a global scale.

Be part of this mission

We invite all change-makers and gender advocates to join us and participate in this pursuit. Explore our current initiatives to get involved:

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