At IIX Foundation, we believe women are at the heart of the solution for a more inclusive, resilient world.

We stand for the underserved women who are often overlooked, forgotten, and left to bear the brunt of the devastating crisis and choices of the world.

As a community of defiant optimists, we aim to take a new approach to building a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable future by addressing the root causes of inequality and injustice in the world today that leads to conflict. We believe that a sustainable future must be built by valuing and empowering everyone – especially those excluded from existing systems – to be a part of the solution for sustainable peace. 

IIX Foundation, the philanthropy arm of Impact Investment Exchange Pte Ltd (IIX), was launched to create impact to the last mile through grass root initiatives. We are dedicated to helping these women re-establish themselves as active participants in our societies and economies.

Why Women?

Women are the first victims of natural and man-made disasters

Women are often the first to be affected by natural and man-made disasters due to pre-existing inequalities and gender-based discrimination. They may face increased risks of violence, displacement, and loss of livelihoods, highlighting the importance of gender-sensitive approaches in disaster response and recovery efforts.

Women suffer more from economic challenges

As a result of climate displacement and gender-inequality, women have to experience more setbacks in their opportunities for work and economic growth due to the lack of access to technology and quality education. Many are unable to move from informal, unpaid, or low-paying jobs for the betterment of their families future.

Women are the key to the change in the world

“The forgotten victims of climate economic change” are also the catalyst to the change we need to see in the world. Women have been identified as the one of the keys to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and are the backbones of society. When we grow their resilience, we drive resilience for their economies towards building a better future and humanity for all. 

Stand up for women

It is through your donation that we can make this happen. We invite all change-makers and gender advocates to join us and participate in this pursuit. Explore our current initiatives to get involved:

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