Women are often the first to be affected by natural and man-made disasters, facing increased risks of violence, displacement, and loss of livelihoods.When disaster strikes, IIX Foundation takes immediate action to provide critical support by providing emergency relief and support to the most vulnerable communities, empowering them to recover and rebuild towards long-term resilience.

Turkiye / Syria Earthquake Relief

When Turkiye and Syria were recovering from the earthquake, one of our team, IIX Foundation held internal fundraising that raised some $2,000. This went towards the purchase of canned food, warm blankets, clothes, and water bottles. In addition, IIX Foundation donated $5000 to KEDV to further support them in their relief efforts. 

PEACE CAN for Rohingya Crisis 

As a witness to the dire situation faced by Rohingya refugees, many of whom are women and children, IIX Foundation has taken a unique approach to provide both immediate relief and long-term resilience. Through collaboration with partners such as The Hunger Project and Save the Children, our PEACE CAN campaign aims to invest in the future livelihoods of these communities, while also addressing their immediate needs. As part of our commitment, we have donated 10,000 comforters to provide a small measure of comfort to those who have suffered so greatly.

Oxygen Canisters for India

Recognizing the need to provide timely assistance to communities in India grappling with a deadly second wave of COVID-19, IIX Foundation provided 5 oxygen concentrators for up to 2,500 patients as well as 75 medical kits through a 1:1 matching fundraiser for local grassroots organizations. 

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