It’s that time of year again – our flagship youth art competition is back, with the theme SHE IS DEFIANT.

Introducing the SHE IS MORE art competition, brought to you by the IIX Foundation. In 23/24, we are back to celebrate the strength and defiance of women and girls who break free from societal norms. Our theme, SHE IS DEFIANT, embodies their courage.

Become a champion for gender equality by submitting an art piece and joining us in our fundraising campaign. By participating, you empower resilient women in the Global South to express themselves through the captivating medium of art.

Beyond children’s artistic expression, this competition serves a greater purpose. Every year, IIX Foundation uses 100% of the SHE IS MORE proceeds to foster ‘inclusion’ by training underserved women in technology so that they can have a livelihood, providing art therapy for women who ‘fall out’ of society, and helping children with their medical care who are born with incurable genetic skin conditions. The IIX Foundation advocates and supports inclusion in action.

Make a difference today. Together, we can create a lasting impact on the lives of women who defy adversity. Be a catalyst for change and inspire a brighter future.

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The “Defiance” theme embodies the unwavering spirit of those boldly facing challenges. We encourage artists to infuse their work with courage, resilience, and joyful rebellion against societal norms and injustices. Through their creations, artists celebrate the voices of those daring to be different, inspiring others to embrace their acts of defiance with optimism for a brighter future.

Who Can Apply?

All youths (all genders) within the age group of 10 – 18 years old with a passion for art from all over the world are welcome to apply. There is no limit to the talent we want to celebrate at SHE IS MORE 23/24.

What Can You Submit?

Whether it is a painting, a pencil sketch, or digital art, as long as it is displayed on a flat surface, we accept all kinds of visual art.


Submit your artwork to for the Global Youth Art Competition Now

Cash Prizes for Our Talented Young Winners!

In recognition of your dedication and talent, we’re thrilled to award the top-performing artists from each age group categories with cash prizes

Judging Criteria for Artwork

Our Judges are looking out for artwork that showcases women being empowered in the year’s theme – DEFIANCE.
They will lookout for the following:

Visual Composition and Presentation


Creativity and Originality

Message and Relevance

Meet the Judges

Each judge has been selected due to their integrity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of visual arts.
Get to know more about their backgrounds and what drew them to becoming an artist.


Chloë I. R. Manasseh

Principle Art Psychotherapist and Co-Director at Benjamin Psychological & Therapeutic Services


Mark Tipper

Executive Creative Director, Asia Pacific, JLL


Tam Kwan Yuen

Chief Executive Officer, KY Tam Art Studio

Gill Saul

Gill Saul

Founder, A

2022 Winning Entries

Explore the impressive winning entries from last year, which received more than 250 submissions from 32 countries, all inspired by the theme #SheIsResilient.

100% of the proceeds from SHE IS MORE go towards women-centered advocacy and education, such asexclusively support women’s empowerment and the development of resilient communities in the Global South.

Join our Coalition of Supporters

Your generous support will go a long way in empowering women across the world.
SHE IS MORE is a wonderful opportunity for your brand or company to position itself as a champion of gender equality. Take this opportunity not only to support our programs that empower underserved women, but also to create deep, lasting change.

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