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Supporting Women with Art and VR – Artsteps

Hosted on Artsteps, this year’s SHE IS MORE Global Youth Art Competition of the IIX Foundation raised funds to empower women in the global South

By Annita Apostolaki

Wonderful things happen when people with similar visions join forces. In Artsteps, we want to give to every web user the opportunity to take their first steps in the Metaverse and explore their creative skills by building 3D virtual environments to place their content and profit from it. That is why it was a pleasure to partner for a virtual exhibition with the IIX Foundation, a Singapore-based charity that gives underprivileged women and their grass roots initiatives access to resources and financial literacy, in order to help them achieve their potential and bring them to the forefront of capital markets, as a form of sustainable investment.

Detail of the VR gallery created by the IIX Foundation for the exhibition of the awarded works at the SHE IS MORE 2022 youth art competition

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SHE IS MORE 2022 Celebrates Women’s Resilience with ~250 Youth Artists Worldwide


SHE IS MORE 2022 Celebrates Women’s Resilience with ~250 Youth Artists Worldwide


Since the launch of the third SHE IS MORE Global Youth Art Competition in April 2022, we’ve received youth art submissions from the streets of Ukraine to the islands of Indonesia. Up to 250 pieces of artwork from young and budding artists across the world celebrated untold stories of women’s resilience.

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) Foundation’s annual flagship competition, SHE IS MORE 2022, officially closed to entries in October, and the long-awaited list of winners is finally out. 

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SHE IS MORE Youth Art Competition Winners 2022



We received up to 250 pieces of artwork from all of you across 32 countries that celebrated women and inclusivity through art.

SHE IS MORE 2022 was themed Resilience, and each and every single entry received by all the participants pays tribute to women who are standing tall in a society with greater gender disparities.

We are proud to announce the winners of the competition. We value the hard work and commitment the youth has put into creating these wonderful pieces of art.

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