We received up to 250 pieces of artwork from all of you across 32 countries that celebrated women and inclusivity through art.

SHE IS MORE 2022 was themed Resilience, and each and every single entry received by all the participants pays tribute to women who are standing tall in a society with greater gender disparities.

We are proud to announce the winners of the competition. We value the hard work and commitment the youth has put into creating these wonderful pieces of art.

Congratulations to the SHE IS MORE 2022 Youth Art Competition Winners:

Grand Prize Winners:










(Aged 10 – 13 Category):
Artwork title: Equality of sports
Natalie Teo Zi Ning, 13, Singapore

Artist’s Note: It shows that sports is not only meant for men but for women too. Although some men are stronger than women, women are still able to play sports just like men, and with practice and time, they can even surpass the men. Thus they prove to everyone that they are more than what they are said to be and deserves to be respected the same way as how men are being respected. She is more then what people say.


(Aged 14 – 18 Category):
Artwork title: she is beautiful nature
Krittamet Khamprom, 17, Thailand

Artist’s Note: Nature is something that everyone needs or can’t live without, which means that she is more than a righteous person, someone who is longing and indispensable. background of work I’ve done a variety of colors starting with the header and imagining different plants, shadows. And the hard part is the black background. As for me, I wanted to convey that she was an indispensable thing like nature, so I drew this with the theme SHE IS MORE.


1st Runner Ups:

(Aged 10 – 13 Category):
Artwork title: The Light of Motherhood
Xiong Guanyun, 10, China

Artist’s Note: Speaking of women with endless energy, my mother is definitely a role model who explains the words resilience, elegance, dedication, positivity through actual efforts. This painting, inspired by a preceding woman artist, Elena Gual, is a portrait of my mother and me. During the disruptive pandemic, my mother led a team of over 20 people in a tech giant. It was hard to keep the job positions of every team member in the face of an economic downturn and massive layoffs, but she did it because she knew that there was a family waiting for bread behind every team member. Her life philosophy has shed remarkable light on me and I will follow her footsteps to become a man who lives his life alive.


(Aged 14 – 18 Category):
Artwork title: More than Resilient
Sihao Qian, 17, China

Artist’s Note: I drew a famous female justice who stood up for women’s rights in her own right. Her name was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I combine the elements of resilience together to form her face. Her forehead was consisted by a tree, waterfall, the sun, clouds, and a woman doing yoga, indicating the connection between natural self-restoration and women’s health. The bridge of her nose has a crack where the earth has dried up, but her resilience let a four-leaf clover grow on this dry piece of soil. I painted a gecko with a regenerated tail and a leaf as her cheek, and made up her chin with a baby, a whale, an umbrella, and the sharp broken stone. These elements represented the tenacious vitality and will of women, and reflect the love, freedom and strength of female. She is resilient. She is more.


(Aged 14 – 18 Category):
Artwork title: Expressive Desires
Stephanie Shi, 17, Canada

Artist’s Note: Nobody is alike. Everyone has distinctive characteristics that distinguish them from others. Throughout history and in all cultural settings, women have faced countless cruel forms of institutionalised discrimination. Although modern times have improved since then, history has left an indelible mark. Because of all the beauty expectations, standards, and ideologies that have been imposed on women, we frequently feel inferior to someone who appears to fit the standard. The girl along the wall in my watercolour piece fades into a shadow. She feels inadequate in comparison to the girl in the mirror. She is striving for more in order to feel accepted. She is, however, restrained by the ropes that bind her. The weight of expectations. The crows, on the other hand, demonstrate their freedom and the fact that they are not bound by anything. That is something that everyone desires deep down: the freedom to express themselves without fear. She simply wishes to be more.

2nd Runner Ups:

(Aged 10 – 13 Category):
Artwork title: She
Amina Grynenko, 11, Ukraine

Artist’s Note: In the beginning of this terrifying war in my homeland of Ukraine, I was unable to believe that so many lives of innocent people, including women and children, were lost. And this drawing that I present portrays her, who despite the explosion behind her back and a little boy in her hands, runs ahead, not escaping from the danger, but going into more and more horrific scenes to save others.


(Aged 14 – 18 Category):
Artwork title: Divinity
Rose Zhang, 16, New Zealand

Artist’s Note: This artwork was created recently using mixed media including Oil paint, textured sand, acrylics and gold leaf was done amongst a series of experiments with the concept of spirituality and identity. This was done of my friend, who has a similar heritage and Identity with me as we are both children of Immigrants and have both eastern asian heritage and western or pakeha influence. The figure is floating amongst a surreal realm of earth and space, reflecting the experience of a connection with your inner self and subconciousenss. She is immersed In a spiritual connection with the spiritual power that has always been there from the cultural identity that we are all influenced by. I used symbols of the butterfly, which is symbolic of souls. The Iridescent wave shaped elements are taken partially from traditional Japanese culture, while the gold Halo connects to many religions idea of the power of divinity. These come together to symbolise the power of all these different forces on us as young women In terms of the inner spirit, and the artwork strives to achieve the capture of this deep, powerful, yet peaceful reflection of the inner selfs growing attachment to the world different cultures religions, and land. Overall the artwork really captures the essence of women and recollecting of the force created by the fragments of Identity intertwining together Into a single force that gives us strength and eternal support.

The winners’ list has been updated after further evaluation of the age categories


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