“Are you building for legacy?” – In Conversation with Ms. Kuik Shiao-Yin, Co-Founder of The Thought Collective

In keeping with this quarterly’s theme of millennials, we set out to share the perspective of an organization that delves deep into issues of youth engagement here in Singapore – The Thought Collective. Starting out as an initiative to tackle youth apathy through education, The Thought Collective has evolved into an umbrella of social businesses whose mission is to collectively transform and strengthen social and emotional capital in Singapore.

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Women Empowering Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day this March, we turn the spotlight on three amazing impact enterprises, which we have had the pleasure of working with.

Led by women entrepreneurs, these women-focused enterprises have an invaluable impact on the lives of women across Asia – proving that creating opportunities for women is the key to driving development forward.

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Driven by a Passion for Equality: In Conversation with Tammy Medard, CEO of ANZ Bank (Laos)

Tammy Medard is a career woman, a mother, and the CEO of one of the largest banks in the Asia Pacific region – ANZ Bank (Laos). Recently listed on Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Next Generation, she represented the ANZ Bank Group at the Institute of International Finance G20 Conference and led ANZ Laos in its commitment to the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles.

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Empower a woman, Empower a generation

Despite the enormous spotlight held up against gender inequality through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the total female entrepreneurial activity is less than 10 percent in Asia today. Building on the MDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a new set of 17 goals aimed at bringing about inclusive development. SDG’s gender equality goal highlights the themes of discrimination, exploitation, and unequal access to opportunity.  At Shujog ACTS, we believe that expanding social finance is critical to addressing these themes. To achieve inclusive and equitable growth, women need to be lifted out of the informal economy and into formal employment. Entrepreneurship is the key to this shift.

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