Since the late 2000’s, Vietnam has become a hub for entrepreneurship, especially in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector. The growth in ICT entrepreneurship can be attributed to two key factors. One, the country has a very young and tech-savvy population. According to World Bank 2013 data, Vietnam has 43.9 Internet users for every 100 people. Mobile cellular subscriptions in the country reached 131 per 100 people in the same year. Most notably, 36 percent of Vietnam’s population, or 33 million people, owns a smart phone, making the country the second largest smart phone market in Southeast Asia, just after Indonesia. Two, tech entrepreneurism in Vietnam has been fueled by the fast growing ecosystem. By 2014, Vietnam had six investment funds, ten incubators as well as numerous online communities and networks focusing solely on tech startups. This conducive ecosystem has churned out several success stories from the startup community in Vietnam such as VNG (an entertainment and social network platform), Vat Gia (a listing website) and VC Corp (a media company), just to name a few.

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