Mobilizing SMEs to catalyze growth in agriculture

Across Asia, along with addressing food security concerns, agriculture is an important source of livelihoods for more than 2.2 billion people; making it a sector of high importance for development agencies. For most economies in the developing Asia, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including social enterprise (SEs) as a subset, have become crucial to creating impact and fostering growth, especially in sectors like agriculture.

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‘Accelerating’ Social Enterprise Development

Sri Lanka, a country known for beautiful beaches and the best tasting tea in the world, has also survived a three-decade long war and a devastating tsunami in recent history. With development aid tapering due its middle-income status, Sri Lanka requires unique solutions to generate employment for its displaced youth and to realize the full potential of its natural resources. Social Enterprises (SEs), particularly those in agriculture, could provide sustainable solutions to Sri Lanka’s development problems. Here at Shujog our research shows that agricultural SEs in Sri Lanka face many challenges such as access to finance, technology, quality human resources and high value markets, as well as grappling with weak infrastructure and governance.

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