Unveiling Innovative Market Solutions For Water

Our globe is under constant duress from water problems, with one in nine people lacking access to safe water and about 30,000 deaths arising every week from diseases due to unsafe water and lack of sanitation. Furthermore, the Asia Pacific region has the lowest per capita water availability in the world, with rapid population growth, accelerating economic development, unstable governance, and external shocks such as the recent Nepal Earthquake all exacerbating already challenging circumstances.

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A Game-Changer for Women’s Financial Health

“I have a picture of a mountain in my room and I will put post-its on it – what I spent, how much I saved, how much I have in my bank accounts… Every day before I go to bed, I will look at this picture, at my expenditure and my savings, and I would think: how am I going to achieve my dreams and goals?”
– Kartini, LiveOlive user (not her real name)

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