Scaling Impact the Shujog way

Would you risk falling five storeys every day to making a living? He will!

A farmer climbs a coconut tree twice a day to harvest the sap necessary to make coconut palm sugar. His bare hands and knees are his climbing tools and in most rural undeveloped regions, there is no security of a safety strap or cable. Rubiyanto, an Indonesian farmer, is aware of the safety risks in harvesting coconut sugar, but what choice does he have? Without the small income from this job, how can he support his family? Rubiyanto comes from a small farming community in Yogyakarta, the same community that entrepreneur Lastiana Yuliandari comes from. Armed with knowledge from a previous career in business, Lastiana returned to Yogyakarta in 2009 with the aim of helping her community.

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Mobilizing SMEs to catalyze growth in agriculture

Across Asia, along with addressing food security concerns, agriculture is an important source of livelihoods for more than 2.2 billion people; making it a sector of high importance for development agencies. For most economies in the developing Asia, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including social enterprise (SEs) as a subset, have become crucial to creating impact and fostering growth, especially in sectors like agriculture.

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By Women, For Women

When Lastiana started Aliet Green back in 2009, she set out to introduce Indonesia’s indigenous commodities to the world; and through that quest, promote values of fair trade, honest respect, and empowerment among every individual working in the agriculture value chain. To date, the company has exported organic food products across the US and Europe markets, while improving the livelihoods of farmers and women in rural Indonesia. In order to assist Aliet Green in further scaling both its business operations and impact creation, the IIX team visited it in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to provide business advisory and impact assessment services.

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