“Now I can get vaccines for free.”

Anna* is now able to protect herself from the threat of diseases because of the good work of the people at Glovax.

Launched in 2003, Glovax offers a critical service in the Philippines by importing low-cost vaccines directly from manufacturers. In addition to providing logisticals services to a wide-range of customers, it distributes vaccines through its branded centers to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. In its first decade, Glovax provided more than 4 million doses of vaccinations to Filipinos who would not otherwise have access to vaccines.

IIX, IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, and KKR partnered to provide necessary financial, operational, and analytical expertise to better position Glovax for funding. Members of IIX, KKR, and KKR Capstone – an independent team of operational experts – conducted site visits and assessed Glovax’s business model and social impact. The team helped Glovax develop a business plan and a financial model while also conducting an impact assessment.


*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of our beneficiaries

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