Women’s Health Bond

Bringing Affordable Healthcare to Women in America

IIX has spent the past decade using its expertise in innovative finance to empower millions of disadvantaged women across the world. IIX Foundation USA is now building on this movement to bring low-income women in the United States to the forefront of financial markets through the Women’s Health Bond (WHB). The WHB will build on IIX’s mission to connect the backstreets of underserved communities with the Wall Streets of the world by ensuring American women have better access to healthcare that is affordable, inclusive and patient-centric.


Women’s Health Bond

Women’s health matters. IIX Foundation USA believes no women should be denied health access because of financial or social barriers. The Women’s Health Bond aims to use innovative finance to empower low-income women in the United States with access to healthcare that is affordable, inclusive and patient-centric.


Why it Matters


~8.4 million people in the United States will be affected by the estimated US$ 880 billion budget cuts to healthcare. Low-income and rural women, in particular, are being disproportionately impacted by the lack of access to affordable healthcare. Women tend to have more contact with healthcare systems, have greater needs during childbearing years, and as primary caregivers interface with healthcare providers on behalf of others. This makes it imperative to ensure all women, regardless of their socio-economic background, have access to quality healthcare.


What is the Solution

The Women’s Health Bond is an innovative financing tool which aims to unlock $100 million of private sector capital to provide underserved women with access to affordable, quality healthcare. IIX is currently developing the feasibility study to lay the foundation for the Bond, with support from the Medtronic Foundation and a Task Force of Industry Leaders.


The Impact


The Women’s Health Bond aims to impact low-income women in the United States over its tenor and will focus on maternal health and non-communicable diseases such as cancer. In particular, the Bond will aim to support access to preventative and early detection services that will help save more women’s lives today and reduce larger healthcare costs tomorrow.

You can participate directly by helping us raise funds to create a better future for millions of women and driving forward the #InvestInHer movement.

How have you overcome the odds to take charge of your health? You can inspire other women with your story sharing it

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