IIX Foundation empowers marginalized people and protects the planet
by scaling the positive impact of social innovators.

We scale positive impact by fostering growth, maturity and
market readiness of Impact Enterprises and other social innovators.

Core Objectives

IIX Foundation aims to impact 100 million lives across the world by supporting market-based solutions for sustainable development. The Foundation’s activities will be carried out with an emphasis on gender equality, climate action and community resilience.

IIX Foundation will facilitate the growth of Impact Enterprises by helping them scale their operations and impact. It will do this by using the funds raised to:

  • support capacity building services that allow these enterprises to attract, absorb, and deploy the capital necessary to expand their operations and increase their social impact;
  • support the development of innovative financial products that can effectively deploy capital to these enterprises;
  • support the funding of various research projects, including but not limited to identifying and mapping high-impact enterprises in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore • New York • Dhaka

Magnify positive social and environmental impact

IIX Foundation enables impact enterprises to access growth capital and technical assistance, ultimately helping to scale solutions for sustainable development.

Build the impact investing ecosystem

We build innovative solutions for scaling positive impact by partnering with foundations, corporations, governments, and impact creators across the ecosystem.

Enhance capacity and knowledge management in impact investing

We build and share knowledge in impact investing so that social innovators are empowered to become greater change-makers through learning.

Key Programs


IIX Chapters

IIX Chapters are a global initiative run by local leaders to connect the Wall Streets of the world with the backstreets of our communities. Together, IIX Chapters will explore the positive relationship between financial profit and positive impact by creating local communities of professionals across sectors that collaborate to achieve sustainable development and equitable growth in their cities.

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Women’s Health Bond

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world. Even then, there remains critical gaps in access and delivery. Women, especially immigrants and women of color, face huge barriers that prevent them from receiving adequate healthcare.

We are changing this through innovative financial structure like the Women’s Health Bond that aims to improve healthcare for underserved women in the US by supporting high-impact social enterprises and organizations that have innovative and sustainable approaches to healthcare products, services and delivery.

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Advisory & Research

IIX offers comprehensive advisory services to impact investors, corporations, foundations, international organizations and governments. With close to a decade of impact investing work in SE Asia and around the world, a uniquely knowledgeable staff, and a rich and evolving database, we are strongly positioned to inform our partners and clients in their endeavors.

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Sustainability Seal

The IIX Sustainability Seal is a certification awarded to organizations that demonstrate mission-orientation, financial viability, positive social and environmental impact, and high potential for sustainable scaling.  The IIX Sustainability Seal moves beyond self-reporting and checking boxes to a qualitative and comprehensive assessment through third-party, on-site verification, that ensures financial viability rather than only ESG compliance.


Strategic Sectors


Sustainable Agriculture

clean energy

Clean Energy




Water & Sanitation

happy student


Program Management



Assistance for Capacity-building and Technical Services (ACTS) is an innovative technical assistance program that allows impact enterprises to work with ecosystem partners to raise much needed growth capital so that they can scale and impact more lives.

With IIX ACTS, we support early and growth stage enterprises to raise capital so that they can thrive, grow, and impact more lives.



Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South East Asia (GRAISEA) is a regional programme which is funded by the Government of Sweden. GRAISEA promotes win-win-win propositions: wins for communities, small-scale producers and larger businesses.

In partnership with IIX and Oxfam’s GRAISEA program, we now support agri-SMEs to expand potential for positive impact on women, thereby advancing gender equality.

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