Stories from SHE IS MORE Youth

Empowerment can start with a good role model. For the inaugural SHE IS MORE Youth Art Competition in 2019, IIX invited youth to share their works of art celebrating different women in their lives–from mothers to sisters to heroes who have inspired them in one way or another.

IIX Foundation is committed to celebrating women as solution-builders and crucial forces in society. Through SHE IS MORE, we received over 300 entries from 30 countries across the world—giving a voice to the youth, celebrating the women who serve as their inspiration, amplifying stories of courage and strength through the universal medium of art.

A Woman who Spreads Happiness in the Present and Future

Samaa, Iraq

Following the SHE IS MORE Exhibition in May 2019, Samaa’s work, A Woman who Spreads Happiness in the Past and Future, went on to be displayed on the walls of the Iraq National Library and Archives at the Iraqi Ministry of Culture. The wall was entitled, “Honor Roll for Maker of Hope, Samaa’ AL Ameer”.

“A girl or woman can, by her own will, strength, and hope, become a human being who will spread joy and happiness in life and the future,” she says, “I started from my personal experience in drawing this girl. I have been successful in turning pain and sadness into hope and success after being treated positively for illness and difficulties. Therefore, having an optimistic girl or strong woman is important…Thank you for supporting the women of the world.


My Mother

Irfan, Singapore

Irfan’s entry, My Mother, was submitted as part of the Artist Development Program of Pathlight school in Singapore, which aims to uncover and develop the artistic potential of children with autism. Pathlight School is Singapore’s first autism-focused school offering mainstream academic curriculum together with life readiness skills. Irfan’s work was part of the SHE IS MORE Exhibition in May 2019.

He says,  “When I heard about the competition, the woman who came to my mind is my mother. I love her very much. She is the most important woman in my life. She quit her job to take care of us full-time. I have another sibling who is also diagnosed with autism. I know taking care of us is challenging and difficult. She has been very caring, patient, and understanding in bringing us up, and I would like to dedicate this artwork to my most beloved mother.”


Jeanette, Indonesia

For Jeanette in Indonesia, fighting for gender equality remains the most important mission for women to achieve.  Her artwork, Glorious, depicts the on-going battle against gender-discrimination.

“For years, women from all around the world have been told to stay inside, to sit and look pretty, to be nothing more than a trophy to be displayed..People may say that … women are now given more rights and freedom, and now thought of as equal to men. Although many of this is true, it does not erase the fact that discrimination towards women and girls is still present… despite this, we will not cease to fight inequality and against those who belittle us. Deep down, we know that we are so much more than what society makes us to be and that is what makes us powerful,” she says.


Voices from the Youth

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