A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to send us images that captures the meaning of “resilience”. We were moved by the response, with over 50 entries that evoked aspects of resilience that we hadn’t even anticipated! The following five photos were selected for the moments of resilience captured in the lives of people and the spaces they live in.

coconut climber

Climbing coconut trees to extract the sap (for coconut sugar) is a seriously dangerous occupation. But for trans-migrant Javanese it is a part of their culture and a source of daily income as the sap is produced year-round. August 2012. (Photographer: Tanvir Uddin, Consultant, Australia)


baan urak

A Burmese refugee child in Sangkhlaburi (Thai-Burma border town) doing one-arm handstand. This photo was taken during the performing arts for empowerment project, which was aimed to allow refugee children at Baan Urak Children Home to freely express themselves and to realize their potential. He kept on trying even after many failed attempts to achieve what he wants, and this photo captures his progress, the drive to perfection he pursued. January 2013. (Photographer: Koshu Kunii, Master’s Student at SAIS)


Commons NZ

Several blocks away from the demolished public library lies the transitional project ‘The Commons’. Created by the now well-known transitional architecture organisation ‘Gap Filler’. The Commons provides an innovative use of vacant post-demolition space – providing public space that contains sports activities, meeting spaces, community organisation offices and a food truck outdoor vending space. Transitional projects such as The Commons have become an important part of the citizen led recovery that is re-building the city for it’s residents and their needs. September 2014. (Photographer: Raven Cretney, RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia)


Strawberries in the desert“Sometimes we have to look back to move forward.” Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Warsaw, Poland. June 2009. (Photographer: Claire Ng)