Your kind donation will offer this youth with opportunities for artistic development and education through #SHEISMORE including:

  • Having their artworks exhibited virtually at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum
  • Digital Arts Training conducted by teachers from esteemed art institutions in Singapore
  • Virtual Mentorship program with 1:1 matching with professionals from arts, design, media and tech industries

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Min En,13, Singapore

The woman in this artwork is both a mother and a doctor. During this time of crisis, SHE is fighting alongside her co-workers to protect our country from Covid-19, to build a safer and more righteous future. SHE has two kids who are waiting for their mother to come home safely, and a husband who supports her and hopes that all goes well with her work. SHE has helped many coronavirus patients recover, however many are still suffering from the sickness, so SHE is putting in her best efforts to help them recover. At times, SHE pushes herself too hard at work. SHE has skipped meals and overworked herself in order to help the sick. At all times during work hours, SHE has to put on layers upon layers of protective gear to protect herself from the possibility of contracting the virus. SHE has to wear medical equipment such as full-body medical suits, rubber gloves, goggles and masks. When her shift is over, SHE would find herself drenched in sweat due to the long hours that SHE has to put on the protective gear. SHE would also find many marks on her face because SHE has to put on the mask tightly, to not expose the lower half of her face to the environment. SHE is courageous, as SHE is helping us fight the invisible enemy during these trying times, disregarding how much SHE suffers for the sake of our country.