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Lily Lin, China

Looking away from the major headlines and hotspot figures of COVID-19, I wanted to use this chance to glorify women who are less represented but also showed tremendous amounts of love and bravery during this fight. Protection against the pandemic was thoroughly implemented by our country; even the most provincial of the villages had checkpoints set up to take and record temperatures and information of every incomer. But when China was at its worst with tens of thousands new cases everyday, who would want to put themselves in close proximity with potential danger? The volunteers of All-China Women’s Federation do. Most of these women come from the villages themselves and wants to protect families, which I thought was very brave and shows that women can also shoulder the responsibility of keeping the health and safety of civilians. In my drawing, I showed a volunteer standing in an adamant form in front of mountains and villages. She stops entry of the virus with one hand that holds on to the registry and points a temperature gun straight at the audience with the other. I wanted to show the woman as a soldier or guard of her own kind, with the temperature gun as her implement. I also drew a trio of elderly and children on the mountains to show the vulnerable people she is protecting. For the colors I used bold contrasts to imply a Chinese rural feeling and bright red of China, adding another cultural touch.