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Yuxuan Xia, 17, China

Under the threat of COVID-19, the images of brave female doctors fighting at the front line in big cities are widely praised. But in a mysterious region far away from our daily lives, at the foot of snowy mountains and the center of great grasslands, a group of brave women who use their unique way to contribute to human health are not noticed by the public. The female Tibetan doctors, collecting natural plants and processing them into traditional medicines, fight against disease and pandemics in places without access to modern western medical service. My picture showed an old female Tibetan doctor carefully sorting herb under the warm sunshine. In traditional Tibetan clothes with necklaces made of kallaite, beeswax, and dzi, holding a prayer wheel, she represents the common image of a devout Buddhist. By her side, a white yak, a sacred animal in Tibetan culture, laid quietly, symbolizing the female doctor’s noble spirit and huge contributions to human welfare. Also, a young dog rolling on grass showed the old woman’s young and happy mood, which adds movement to the peaceful picture as well. In general, the artwork utilized bright and vivid colors to express the optimistic spirit of life. I hope this work can eliminate people’s misunderstanding and call for public attention to those brave Tibetan women doctors. They not only cured thousands of patients but also used their life to inherit the unique Tibetan culture.