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  • Virtual Mentorship program with 1:1 matching with professionals from arts, design, media and tech industries

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Nathan,13, Singapore

As Covid-19 is taking a toll on many people around the world, there are many brave workers who are helping to fight this battle against the coronavirus. The theme of this competition is to honour our heroic female workers. Most of which are not very recognized as some people in our society have this idea where some jobs are less important than others. However, my drawing highlights some of the jobs that have made a big impact in our community by helping us get through this Covid-19 safely. Some of these women work in education, health, transport, and internal defence. These jobs that I have highlighted in these industries are teachers, doctors and nurses, transport service workers and police officers. These women from these jobs have helped us by teaching us the right things to do during these times(teachers), taken care of our sick(doctors and nurses), transported us from one place to another(transport services workers), and kept us in order by making sure that we follow the safety management practices(police). These women are still working hard despite all the risks of catching the coronavirus. I think that their work should be respected and thus I have incorporated them into my work.