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Natalya,17, Russia

На рисунке представлены Великие женщины из Якутии, которые внесли огромный вклад в развитие республики и страны. Они не остановились перед страхом развиваться и шли только вперед, открывая все новые, и новые победы и достижения.

Translation: I drew a woman whom I have always admired – the famous Russian poet Mirra Lokhvitskaya. I read each of her works with great trepidation and I am sure that thanks to her and her works I have become better.

Translation for the featured Poem in the artwork, dedicated to Mirra Lokhvitskaya:

“But what happened is irrevocable.
The strings broke, the lyre fell silent.
So sleep well: We understand you,
Singer of hot passion, Mirra.”
(c) Igor Severyanin