Your kind donation will offer this youth with opportunities for artistic development and education through #SHEISMORE including:

  • Having their artworks exhibited virtually at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum
  • Digital Arts Training conducted by teachers from esteemed art institutions in Singapore
  • Virtual Mentorship program with 1:1 matching with professionals from arts, design, media and tech industries

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Hana,16, USA

This year has been a challenging year for everyone. There are millions of women continuously showing courage, through their actions in battling Covid-19 and the daily struggles that it has brought along with it. Unfortunately, in our attempts to impede the spreading of Covid-19, certain areas have consequently suffered, from global drops in the economy and the loss of jobs to the collapse of waste management chains threatening the environment. Especially now, it is crucial to find new ways in which we are able to manage the pandemic, while still making progress in protecting our planet. My artwork is inspired and dedicated to those who are and have been dedicating their time in advocating for the protection of our oceans and marine life. Interestingly, we have seen both positive and negative effects of Covid-19 on the environment. While videos have come out of dolphins swimming in the Venice canals, there have simultaneously been articles and images published documenting the rise in single-use plastics and oceans filled with disposable masks. With so many problems prevalent, I am inspired by those who continue to raise awareness and help. Although difficult, little actions can make a big difference and I hope that my artwork can bring a little positivity. While half the image is black and white, representing the issues we still need to address, there are streaks of color showing hope and our progress. The woman is looking up in hope towards a bright future.