Your kind donation will offer this youth with opportunities for artistic development and education through #SHEISMORE including:

  • Having their artworks exhibited virtually at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum
  • Digital Arts Training conducted by teachers from esteemed art institutions in Singapore
  • Virtual Mentorship program with 1:1 matching with professionals from arts, design, media and tech industries

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Nur Aryqa,14, Singapore

My artwork, In the light of darkness, shows that women are not to be misjudged by the eye as our eyes cannot perceive what is going on in the darkness. Women are fighting their own battles in the enemy’s’ shadow similar to the males. Women are not people who fight blindly in the dark but ones who are prepared and strong to fight for not only their rights but everybody’ rights. I added a lot of symbolisation in my artwork if you can tell. Lion makeup- As women tend to use makeup in our daily lives to feel more confident in themselves in the open world, the open world in this drawing is the battlefield and the lion makeup symbolises that they’re courageous and strong like a lion. Their hair- their poofy and big hair symbolises a lions mane that flows freely and beautifully that shows a woman’s true nature. And that hair symbolises freedom, freedom within her soul. The armour and accessories- she has hoop earrings in the shape of a peace sign to show that women are peaceful people and do not approve violence. The armour symbolises a knight or soldier who helps to protect someone or something important which is what we women are doing, to defend our rights and loved ones. The symbols beside her shoulders symbolise a symbol for health and safety. And on her chest has something in a shape of a plus sign which is seen on health appliances/tools and ambulances which show a woman’s nature for treating others with care with all their heart(which is why its located at the chest) and to be ready for deadly situations.