Your kind donation will offer this youth with opportunities for artistic development and education through #SHEISMORE including:

  • Having their artworks exhibited virtually at Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum
  • Digital Arts Training conducted by teachers from esteemed art institutions in Singapore
  • Virtual Mentorship program with 1:1 matching with professionals from arts, design, media and tech industries

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Zhu Le Xuan, 13, Singapore

The nurses have been working hard to provide safety and priorities our safety over their comfort, showing their courage. They have been very burdened by the stress from this pandemic, taxing their bodies and having possible problems, shown by the eyebags. They also have been caring for patients with dedication and care, shown by the embrace of the sick patient in the hands. She is more than just a nurse, she is courage, responsible for caring for patients while putting own life at risk, embracing the full risks of doing this and being there at the frontlines for us.