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Clarise Loke, 14, Singapore

My drawing is a portrait of a nurse with bruises made by her eye goggles, as highlighted. Instead of just drawing a normal portrait of a nurse who is responsible for taking care of patients during COVID-19, I wanted to show the physical impact COVID-19 has on them. Because of the highly contagious nature of the virus, nurses looking after patients need to wear eye goggles, hairnets, and surgical gowns to interact with their patients. Often times, the tight-fitting goggles leave marks and bruises on their skin after wearing it continuously for hours. I have highlighted and outlined the marks made by the goggles in red, symbolising sacrifice and courage. Next to the marks, I have also drawn droplets of water that represents sweat and tears. COVID-19 nurses are the embodiment of the colour red – sacrifice and courage. Despite having to go through the emotional and physical stress of their jobs during this period of time, they have taken care of patients diligently and placed the needs of their patients before their own, even to the extent of putting themselves at risk of catching the virus. I chose blue as the background because blue symbolises seriousness – the nurses do not let their mental and physical exhaustion affect their attitude towards patients, which is something I thought was important to incorporate into my artwork.