Your Pre-Loved Shoes, Bags, and Artwork Can Make a Difference to the World

Our retail therapies are costing the world more than we think.

  • 14 million tons worth of clothing goes into the landfill every year

  • 2,700 liters of water is required to make one cotton shirt

  • It takes up to 200 years for textiles to decompose in landfills

For once, shopping can be guilt-free. Instead of throwing your pre-loved items away, help the world by donating them to us for our online virtual auction Read more about how your pre-loved items are helping to raise funds to build a more inclusive, sustainable world.

How to Donate

We are accepting pre-loved designer bags, purses, shoes and paintings in good condition. Corporates, we are open to e-vouchers and tickets. Your donation journey is easy and hassle free. Start by filling out our donation form below and we will contact you shortly after.

Sustainable Living Online Bidding is Live

Our pre-loved items are ready for you. Contribute to a more inclusive world by shopping sustainably, reducing waste and giving these products a new lease of life.

More About IIX Foundation

Learn more about IIX Foundation and our work to support women across all stages of their journey to empowerment to transform themselves, their futures and to create a gender equal world.

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