Chetna, Rajasthan, India

Karma Healthcare

It’s a straight shot from well-being to peace. Chetna* lives in the small village of Orwadia in the state of Rajasthan at the north-western edge of India. Even though tourism is booming and travelers throng Rajasthan’s colorful “gold”, “blue” and “pink” cities jeweled with limestone hill-forts and sandstone palaces, it is still a state of struggle for those who are excluded from the basic services of health and well-being.

For people like Chetna, who live in low-income rural areas, malnourishment is rampant and healthcare is an exclusive amenity. Suffering from severe anemia, Chetna regularly complained about weakness and abdominal pain. Lack of access to affordable and quality healthcare led Chetna to suffer for seven months without any relief. Unfortunately, healthcare is not socially inclusive for women such as Chetna.

Through an e-doctor clinic set up by Karma Healthcare in her village, Chetna was able to explain her ailments to a trained nurse who then facilitated a video-consultation with a doctor working in the city. “We were able to reach good city doctors through their system and get treatment at an affordable price,” says Chetna, hoping that such e-doctor clinics would spread to other villages. Chetna’s severe anemia was treated and she felt as if she was given a “new life.”

The issue of anemia has become a story of large-scale exclusion and inequality in the context of maternal healthcare. In India, anemia is one of the leading causes of maternal deaths while in Rajasthan it is the main cause of pregnancy-related complications. Gaps left by the rural healthcare system elevates treatable diseases such as anemia to an endemic level.

What is almost fundamental to us as humans, is a convenience few can ill afford in the villages of Rajasthan. This is where Karma Healthcare is moving in to build socially inclusive healthcare. They also tackle issues of education and the value of well-being, especially for rural women. IIX is proud to partner with and enable Karma Healthcare to scale the full potential of its impact- offering access and affordable healthcare solutions to those most vulnerable in society.

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Enterprise Impact

3,800,000 consultations

600,000 low income patients no longer stop work for healthcare visits

580,000 patients no longer travel long distances for healthcare

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