Peace Can

At IIX Foundation, we believe that PEACE CAN be achieved and YOU CAN make it happen.

Through the nexus of philanthropy and impact investing, YOU CAN help us deliver both Relief and Resilience to the 500,000 Rohingya community in Bangladesh who face an uncertain future.

Through our presence in Bangladesh, IIX Foundation has witnessed the dire nature of the situation and the immense international support required to assist the Rohingya community – over 60% of whom are women and children. Forced to flee for their lives, the refugees arrived in Bangladesh destitute but hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Our Holistic Approach: Peace through Relief & Resilience

Relief Today

Your philanthropic support will be used to provide displaced Rohingya families with clean water, food, sanitation, clean energy and other immediate necessities.

Resilience Tomorrow

A portion of your donation will go towards planting trees near the Rakhine state in Myanmar. The trees planted through this campaign will be linked to the carbon credit market to generate capital which will then be reinvested into the Rohingya communities to build resilience and promote sustainable livelihoods in the coming years. For $100 donation, buy an IIX Peace Token today and give one family immediate relief today and resilience for tomorrow.

PEACE CAN Campaign Partners

Become an IIX Peace Ambassador

PEACE CAN be achieved and YOU CAN lead it

You or your organization can play a catalytic role in the PEACE CAN campaign and strengthen global support of the Rohinyga community by becoming an IIX Peace Ambassador. Simply purchase at least 100 peace tokens to receive an IIX Peace Ambassador badge to easily share with your social media networks and rally support.

A BIG Thank You to our Current IIX Peace Ambassadors!

Nick Nash
Rahim Afrooz

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Your financial support for the PEACE CAN campaign will be contributed to the IIX Foundation Singapore, a registered charity in Singapore. The IIX Foundation Singapore does not have Institution of Public Character status. Donations made to the IIX Foundation Singapore do not have tax-deductible status in Singapore or any other jurisdiction.
The IIX Foundation is the collective marketing name of three charitable organizations located in Bangladesh, Singapore and the United States, respectively. The IIX Foundation will support the Relief & Resilience outlined above through the local affiliates of its PEACE CAN campaign partners.
The term ‘IIX Peace Token’ is used for marketing purposes only. IIX Peace Tokens are not a currency nor are they a security and they are not represented to be an investment or have any financial value. Other than as bundled together to achieve IIX Peace Ambassador status, IIX Peace Tokens may not be transferred.

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