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  1. Impact Partners kicks off

    IIX launches Impact Partners, Asia’s first and largest equity & debt crowdfunding platform, creating a network of impact investors.

  2. The Impact Forum tradition begins

    IIX launches Impact Forum – the first platform in Asia showcasing accomplishments in the social enterprise and impact investing industry – bringing together over 150+ delegates in Dhaka.

  3. IIX Foundation established in Singapore

    IIX establishes Shujog (now known as IIX Foundation) to support the impact enterprise landscape and develop a market for impact investing.

  4. The founding of Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

    Durreen Shahnaz, with support from Rockefeller Foundation, founds IIX and conceptualizes the world’s first social stock exchange.

  5. The very beginning

    The term “Impact Investing” is coined by a small group of global thought leaders in Bellagio in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.


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