SHE IS MORE 2022 is proud to present our panel of judges who have returned to join in on the mission to celebrate women’s RESILIENCE through art. They will be lending their expertise to judge the visual art submissions from youth artists worldwide. 

Each judge has been selected due to their integrity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of visual arts. Get to know more about their backgrounds and what drew them to becoming an artist.

Chloë I. R. Manasseh

Chloë Manasseh is a British Israeli artist residing in Singapore.  She holds a Masters in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art (2012-2014) where she was awarded the Euan Uglow Memorial Scholarship. In 2020 she completed an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Lasalle College of Art Singapore where she was awarded a Distinction and the Lasalle Scholarship.

Her work is included in several international private collections and has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Singapore, Israel and Italy. She has collaborated extensively with artists, musicians, clothing and interior designers on various projects around the world. Working with painting, print, video and installation, her practice explores the fragility of vision and our intrinsic attachment to landscapes which underpin our sense of identity.

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“My grandpa, Leonard Manasseh OBE RA was an architect and fine artist, and always encouraged my painting.  My grandparents’ home was filled floor to ceiling with artworks so I was exposed at a very young age to a wonderful collection.  We would often paint together, and they are some of my happiest memories.  I recall deciding to be a “painter” aged 7 and that never really changed!”


Anjum Motiwala

Anjum has been trained in Abstract Art at NAFA, Singapore and also holds a degree in Fashion and Design from Mumbai, India. Anjum has participated in close to 75 group shows in India, Singapore, Malaysia ,Indonesia and Dubai and is represented internationally by several galleries.

Anjum has been painting and showcasing her works for over a decade. Her works are inspired by nature that surrounds her and she strives to recreate that rhythm on the canvas by building a “connection” between her language of abstraction and her perception of the subject. Anjum uses a palette knife, painting in oils, using a thick impasto technique to produce bold strokes that add strength and texture to her abstracts, landscape & cityscapes. 

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“I was initially creating art for myself and no one else. I simply loved to watch and respond as an idea for some object emerged in my imagination and evolved on canvas and other media. In 2012, I donated one of my paintings to the Jai Vakeel School fundraising auction (Treasure Trove II) & it went under the hammer with paintings and sculptures by eminent artists like SH Raza, Akbar Padamsee, Anjolie Ela Menon, Paresh Maity, Arzan Khambatta, among others. That set me on a journey that I am still on.”


Tam Kwan Yuen

Tam Kwan Yuen is an internationally-renowned artist painting in watercolours. Tam’s works have been regularly selected into international juried shows and have won several awards. He has also been recently awarded the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award by his alma mater, Nanyang Technological University, for his outstanding achievements in art. Tam has been active in both the local and international art scene, participating in group and solo exhibitions.

Tam is a member of the Singapore Watercolour Society and Singapore Art Society. He is represented by Artcommune Gallery and Art Line Gallery in Singapore. His works have gained international recognition and have been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Greece, Slovenia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.  He currently paints scenes both locally and abroad, with a modern approach to his painting technique. 

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“I have always loved art as a child and I would doodle on textbooks and make drawings during my free time. I really enjoyed a watercolor course that I took in university and that prompted me to become a full-time artist and it was really fulfilling to see my skills grow over a short period of time. It was also a dream come true as I did not have to work a 9 – 5 job and I could plan my own time and this gave me a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. Being an artist means I could express myself through my paintings and I enjoyed painting my favourite scenes like urban landscapes and I am happy to do what I love.”


Gill Saul

Gill Saul is an artist, educator and founder of art out of black ‒ a teaching studio in Singapore. She has a BA (hons) in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University and has in the UK, Shanghai and Singapore. She specializes in mixed media ‒ mainly using printing techniques, hand drawn collage elements, oil/acrylic paint and handmade ink in her work.

She founded her teaching studio Art Out Of Black in 2019 where she teaches classical drawing and painting techniques as well as creative exploration, she also runs workshops and art talks. In 2022 she also launched kids classes for 7-11 year old’s which mirror the adult classes. She is currently volunteering in teaching ʻbrilliant basicsʼ to female inmates at Changi Prison’s ABB (Art Behind Bars) and is a volunteer and mentor with Canvas and Canvas Women. 

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“I think we all love drawing as children and luckily I was not forced to choose between art and something else or stop art in favour of other subjects as many kids are when they are teenagers. I think my parents thought that as a female I would get married and have children and then it wouldn’t matter what I did  – It appears I didn’t get the memo!”


Danielle Solk

Danielle Solk is a British artist who teaches Art and Photography at UWCSEA in Singapore. She has exhibited in the UK, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore. When creating her own artwork she does not limit herself to one particular style or medium and has a wide range of work that varies from photography, sculpture, figurative and abstract painting, mixed media, textiles and furniture design.

Danielle is currently interested in exploring the stories behind ordinary but inspiring people, particularly women. This idea was sparked by a commission for the Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore, to create several paintings showing the history of the Bugis area. 

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“I have always been drawn to Art, finding solace in the creative act since being a child. I regularly look for and discover beauty in the mundane and want to capture and share my vision with others. The act of making is meditative for me and keeps my busy mind focused. I am constantly excited by new possibilities and so being an artist is not really a choice for me but a compulsion.”


Mark Tipper

Mark is an internationally acclaimed Creative Director with 30 years’ experience in delivering impactful award-winning branding and advertising for some of the World’s favourite brands including Nike, WWF, Porsche, Chanel, Google and Netflix to name a few. 

He originally trained as an illustrator in the 80s when we were encouraged to roll our jacket sleeves up like Miami Vice, and sing to Kelly McGillis in bars… naturally, these events dissuaded him from going out much, and unwittingly helped him on the road to forming a loving bond with computers, design and all things advertising.

What drew you to becoming an artist?

“My earliest memory was of drawing a fish, so I honestly can’t think of a time where drawing wasn’t a natural part of my everyday life, like eating or sleeping; so it seemed only natural that I would always be an artist.”