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IIX provides structured courses and customized trainings for Corporate Partners, Industry Professionals, and University Groups seeking to explore the Impact Ecosystem and their role in it.

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Structured Programs

IIX Masterclass: Fundamentals of Investing in Sustainability and Impact


How can you use finance to drive forward the global sustainable development agenda?

Globally, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations is estimated to require up to $7 trillion per year. With a market size of over US$200 billion and growing, the impact investing movement is fully charged to address this funding gap and drive global progress by unlocking new channels of funding to tackle today’s most pressing global challenges from sustainability and climate change to inclusion and equality.

Join us for a masterclass designed to equip professionals with the fundamental knowledge and skills to participate in this rising interdisciplinary field. Participants will gain the ability to navigate the fast-growing impact investing space and critically analyze its current trends, key terminology, and important players.

Course Details:

  • Course Length: Two Days of In-Person Learning

  • Location: Singapore

  • Course Fee: $2,000 SGD*

Spring 2019 Executive Certificate Program: Financing the SDGs

Applications Open in January 2019

Talking about the potential of impact investing is one thing, unleashing the potential of impact investing is another. To achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations it is estimated that $5 to $7 trillion is needed globally, with the developing world alone requiring over $2.5 trillion. With shrinking government and aid budgets and an overstressed NGO sector, impact investing is being turned to as the solution for unlocking capital and spurring innovation for sustainable development. To address the funding gaps facing the SDGs, the world needs leaders that are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create innovative solutions for financing social and environmental progress.

Take action – Earn a Certificate in Impact Investing at the IIX Impact Institute!

Course Details:

  • Course Length: Seven Weeks

  • Program Dates: March to May 2019

  • Course Structure: Six Weeks of Online Lessons + One Week Immersion Experience in Singapore

  • Course Fee: $4,750 USD

For more details on course instructors and structure, Download the Program Flyer.

A one-of-a-kind training program taught by today’s leading impact investing practitioners and thought-leaders

Certified program – participants who achieve a certain minimum score in their course will receive an official certificate from the Institute

Opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and impact investing practitioners from across the globe

An interactive in-person Immersion week featuring an on-site impact assessment field experience

“As a non-profit/NGO leader, this course was a fabulous primer in the field of impact investing and the blending of financial return and social impact. It has given me the tools and language to be able to speak with investors and funders in my community about how to mobilize additional capital to solve BIG problems. LOVED IT!”

Lauren Arnold, Adoption Exchange

“I would recommend this course as crucial to any individual striving to lead in the impact investment space. The course challenged my preconceptions and previously gained knowledge on the sector, and encouraged me to think critically about how we achieve maximum impact. IIXII allowed me to learn about the space from multiple perspectives (e.g. from an enterprise, from an investor, from an intermediary point of view).

Adam Searle, Oxford University

“IIXII was a great learning experience which has significantly enhanced my understanding of the impact investing world. The journey with the best team of professors, and with rich academic and field experience has given me the confidence to apply the learning to my work.”

Deepali Khanna, Rockefeller Foundation

“The IIX Executive Certificate Program was a very unique opportunity to study with working professionals. I received much insight on the impact investing space, not just from the lectures, but also from my international coursemates.”

Myung-Hee Lee, Work Together Foundation

“I was so glad to be part of this inaugural program and learn directly from experts—better than any book on the topic could ever be! The learning was practical and directly applicable.”

Anusha Answani, Head Foundation

“If you’re looking to understand the impact investing space and appreciate an open, honest discussion surrounding it – this is an ideal place to do it. It is a no frills, deep-and-meaningful approach to understanding social and environmental impact and how to think about financing it.”

Gaithiri Siva, Khazanah Americas

“This program was also a great networking experience: IIX introduced us to experts in impact investing as well as to social entrepreneurs. I also learned a lot by meeting the other students coming from different parts of the world, but all motivated towards the same goal: using finance for the greater good. I would definitely recommend this Certificate Program.”

Mathilde Poiraudeau, Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA)

“The course gave me an opportunity to learn about innovative financing and gave me concrete ideas on how to apply some of my learnings to my day-to-day work at the Asian Development Bank. It was a good starting point for me to get more involved and find my place in this exciting and upcoming discipline that will be the new way of doing development business very soon.”

Nasheeba Selim, Asian Development Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a certificate be awarded upon completion of the course?

Yes, participants who participate in the full seven-week course and receive an overall passing grade on course assignments will receive a certificate from the IIX Impact Institute.

As a professional, I am worried about the time commitment for this course. How much time do you estimate this course will require?

This course is structured to accommodate for the schedule of a working professional. Therefore, the first six weeks of online course curriculum is self-paced and will require anywhere from 3-5 hours per week. Immersion week will require you to be in Singapore and available for four business days in May 2019.

If I cannot make the immersion week in Singapore, can I still participate in the course?

Unfortunately not. Immersion week is a mandatory part of this course as it is crucial to gaining the practical expertise in this Executive Certificate Program. If you are unable to attend the Immersion Week due to a scheduling conflict, we encourage you to apply for the next cohort of the program.

More questions? contact us at  impactinstitute@iixglobal.com

Online Short Course

Enroll today in our self-paced two week online short course, Introduction to Impact Investing, to gain a greater understanding of the current impact investing landscape and explore key players and market trends.

Previous Courses

Executive Certificate Program

Financing the SDGs

Spring 2018

Online Short Course

Introduction to Impact Investing and Innovative Finance

Winter 2017

Executive Certificate Program

Fundamentals of Impact Investing: A View from the Field

Spring 2017

Executive Certificate Program

Fundamentals of Impact Investing: A View from the Field

Fall 2016

Customized Trainings

IIX has conducted dozens of customized training courses for corporates, industry professionals, and university groups seeking to explore the impact investing space and how they can play a role. Focal areas have covered impact assessment, investment readiness, innovative finance, and investment mechanisms — to name a few.

Impact Investing 101
Impact Investing — Global perspective
Impact Measurement
Investment readiness
How to invest?
Innovative Finance

Social Entrepreneurship
Social Intrapreneurship
CSR and Impact Investing
Impact Investing landscape in Asia
From Philanthropy to Impact Investing

Learning Objectives

Introduce new tools, methodologies and best practices being developed and deployed globally within an Asian context

Equip participants with a solid understanding of their role in growing Impact Enterprises and the impact investing space

Enable participants to apply case studies that foster the growth of practical solutions in pursuit of sustainable development

Empower public, private and non-profit sector leaders with a toolset to create or help create, sustainable, positive impact

Selected Past Trainings

Facilitated a 2-day workshop introducing internal employees to the global impact investing movement and the latest market developments in Asia. Participants discussed local opportunities for financial institutions, foundations, non-profits and social enterprises in the Philippines to benefit from the growth of this third space.

Led an overseas training in Hong Kong where participants took a deep dive into impact measurement methodologies, exploring how impact assessment can be tailored to organization size, mission, funding status and sources. Participants created frameworks for performance tracking and strategic management to apply to their ongoing projects.


Conducted a training program for AIM as part of a three-month incubation program organized that included individualized support services and training on impact effectiveness, innovation and sustainability.

SC Pte Bank

Created a customized curriculum to introduce impact investing to participants of Standard Chartered’s Wealth Master Program through a one-day workshop. The workshop included informative lectures, interactive group exercises, and an immersive field visit to a local social enterprise.

Trainings and Courses are tailored to suit a full range of requirements. Email impactinstitute@iixglobal.com to discuss your specific needs.

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