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Which of the following do you believe holds the most power?

If you have five minutes of free time during your work day, what do you do?

Due to your great performance, you get five extra days off work. What do you do with your time off?

If you could have a heart-to-heart with one of the following people, who would you pick?

You are most inspired by:

Your best friend tells you about her/his great new business idea. You:

You hear a story about how slum-dwellers in Dharavi (in Mumbai) have created a business ecosystem that is improving livelihoods. Your main takeaway is that:

There is a new type of alternative and green energy being developed in Indonesia, with the capacity to change the lives of millions. You are:

You are on a business trip in the Philippines, and you see children working in the city dumps. You:

You meet an entrepreneur who has taught women in rural Thailand to make local crafts that will appeal and sell to expatriates, tourists, and the wealthy. How do you choose to get involved?

My Impact Factor
You are an AMPLIFIER
You believe in the power of money and its importance in enhancing the livelihoods of the underprivileged. You are convinced of the power of capitalism in creating social good, and you aren’t afraid to take on financial risk for the reward of social/environmental impact.
You believe that social/environmental impact is generated by creativity and ideas, and you want to be the source of those ideas. You are convinced of the power of social enterprise in creating positive change in society and the environment, and you aren’t afraid to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship in order to achieve this change.
You are an ENABLER
You believe that great things can be achieved, but you have a tendency to question ideas. You thrive on your realism, and you don’t get excited easily, until you are convinced that things will work out. You are process-oriented by nature, and in your world, the world can only be saved slowly (yet surely) with the right skills in place.
You are an IGNITER
You believe in the power of being proactive, and you are convinced of the importance of this quality in bringing about positive change in society and the environment. You aren’t afraid to walk the talk and catalyze your’s and others’ ideas into action.
You believe in the power of marketing and persuasion in creating positive change in the society and the environment, and you aren’t afraid to voice ideas that will generate impact. You thrive on your ability to sway the views and inclinations of those around you in order to convince them of the need of positive change and development.

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Make an Impact

IIX Foundation is dedicated to creating systemic changes to uplift
the lives of marginalized people and protect our planet’s resources.

Your donation will go towards ensuring that vulnerable communities can gain access
to effective healthcare, drinking water, proper sanitation and dignified livelihoods,
while their children are able to achieve higher levels of education.

We are looking for partners to scale
solutions for sustainable development.

We partner with foundations, corporations, governments, and impact creators
across the ecosystem to build innovative solutions for scaling positive impact.

Learn how you can partner with us
and catalyze positive impact

We enable foundations to scale sustainable impact on development goals and transform the lives of socially excluded communities.

IIX provides strategic advisory services on innovative initiatives that contribute towards solving key development issues such as women’s livelihoods, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture.


PEMSEA Shujog Report

Click above to download.

Partner: PEMSEA
(Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia)

Project: Study and advise the current state of investment in integrated coastal management (ICM)

IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, partnered with IIX and PEMSEA to develop better understanding of investments in integrated coastal management (ICM). Our study assessed the current financial funding flows of an estimated US$10 billion to ICM-related sectors across the grants and investment capital spectrum in 8 countries in East Asia.

Read the report.

We help governments empower marginalized populations to become change agents, accelerating economic growth and the sustainable development agenda.

Our Latest Partnership

Partner: Agensi Inovasi Malaysia
(AIM, also known as the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia)

Project: Berbudi Berganda (BB) Incubation Program


Group photo of 12 finalist social innovators at the BB Incubation workshop.  © Foodabox

Our team supported 12 finalist social innovators to bring solutions to youth unemployment, homelessness and challenges of single motherhood in Malaysia. Over a period of 3 months, we ran a rigorous incubation program  to define and deepen the impact of their projects.

We started with a workshop to introduce key business and impact investing concepts. We then followed their growth in the next 3 months and provided customized mentoring. This included guidance to map, measure and communicate their social impact, and making strategic recommendations to help fulfil their potential in scaling operations and achieving long-term sustainable impact.

Personal review:

“I’ve never felt so thrilled to see what we carried out in the past few months finally come to a fruition. All these would not be possible without the guiance and advice offered by you and your team.”
Dick Lim, Founder of Foodabox

More in the news.

We help corporations integrate social responsibility with business, and unlock their potential for positive impact by:

  1. Amplifying positive social and environmental outcomes

  2. Strengthening employee and stakeholder engagement by aligning with their values

  3. Improving performance in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards


Partner: KKR & Co. L.P.

Project: Enhance positive impact through effective CSR

Scale healthcare through affordable vaccines. Improve livelihoods using mobile tech that optimizes waste recycling. Provide employment through an eco-friendly cashew plantation.

These are just some of the social impact created in IIX Foundation’s [formerly known as Shujog] partnership with IIX and KKR. By connecting KKR with high-potential Impact Enterprises, IIX Foundation enabled KKR to play an important role in impact investing, while strengthening employee and stakeholder engagement and  fulfilling business goals in ESG standards.

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