IIX’s Impact Accelerator, an intensive acceleration program that provides mentorship, seed capital and ongoing advisory services to four Philippines-based Impact Enterprises over a period of six to eight months, successfully concluded in September 2015. Throughout the program, IIX and Shujog staff, as well as external experts, provided customized training and mentoring to each enterprise on specific key needs areas that were critical for their sustainable growth. Impact Accelerator culminated in Impact Showcase at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines, which provided the enterprises with the opportunity to pitch their businesses to potential investors and local ecosystem partners. Impact Showcase attracted fifty-two guests, including angel investors and twenty different organizations.



Mr. Stephen Larcia, CEO of Hiraya presenting at Impact Showcase

As a result of the enterprises’ fantastic pitches at Impact Showcase, IIX has received interest from multiple investors to invest in each of the four Impact Enterprises. In addition, the participating enterprises have praised the Impact Accelerator program for laying the foundation to scale their business and progress towards investment readiness. We asked each of the entrepreneurs to share their experience of Impact Accelerator, and here is what they’re saying:

“Entrepreneurship feels like a solitary path and I was seeking to gain company and learn from highly experienced individuals who can complement my weaknesses and strengths. I wanted to improve the way things are run with more authority and confidence. IIX provided that balance of financial and mentorship support.” – Ms. Anya Lim, Co-Founder and Princess Ant of ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

ANTHILL Fabric Galleryanthill
employs indigenous, rural and urban partner communities on three islands to transform traditional Philippines weaves into contemporary wear. The final products utilize upcycled scrap thread and include consumer apparel, accessories, home accents, children’s toys and corporate uniforms. ANTHILL Fabric Gallery also provides training and a community savings fund for their partner community enterprises.

“The Impact Accelerator program has been really instrumental in pushing us to act fast and grow fast. We learned how Hiraya could very well grow both business and impact simultaneously.” – Mr. Stephen Larcia, CEO of Hiraya



Hiraya invented R-TAP, an advanced pressure management system to help water service providers adjust water pressure across the network to match local demand. R-TAP can reduce leakage and water loss by up to 25%, and the accompanying savings can be used to expand coverage, improve service and lower the cost of water.

“The Impact Accelerator mentoring program provided us the standards and best practices of our industry on managing and accelerating our business performance and impact. The program made us diligent when tracking and measuring our progress and impacts, so we can be authentic in sharing our tea products and social mission to funders, partners and customers.” – Mr. Jamir Ocampo,  Founder & CEO of Kapwa Greens

Kapwa Greens develops premium tea products from local, native plants in the Philippines. Aside from producing its own premium tea brand, Tsaa Laya, the enterprise customizes tea and other herb-based products to institutional partners through product development and toll manufacturing support. Kapwa Greens establishes herbal farm and processing facilities within rural communities to sustain livelihoods for underprivileged women.

“With my engagement with IIX, I’ve learned people are interested, people in Singapore, people outside of the Philippines; people are interested in what I’m doing and that has made me more confident that I can expand my business and social impact.” –  Mr. Emmanuel Alkuino, Founder & CEO of Sidlakpinoy



Sidlakpinoy is an innovative housing and infrastructure enterprise that uses alluvial silt, a freely available raw material found in water bodies, to make firebricks for construction. Alluvial Silt is more environmentally friendly and less expensive than the concrete bricks that dominate the market. The enterprise provides employment and livelihoods for local laborers, and plans to outsource part of its production process to nearby villages.

IIX is currently in discussions to launch the second cohort of Impact Accelerator Philippines in early 2016. If you would like to support IIX in accelerating the next generation of game-changing Impact Enterprises, please contact accelerator@asiaiix.com.


Amy Duffuor
Business Development, IIX