Empowering women to make a world of difference

Investing in women’s education and livelihood creation at the grassroots level will make the world a more equitable and  sustainable.

IIX Foundation is dedicated to supporting women across all stages of their journey to empowerment. We strive towards  this by nurturing women to become active and equal participants in society. We equip them with technical education and life skills to be an active participant in the society to thrive on a global scale through:

Training and Education for livelihoods

Art therapy for Mental Health

Health and well-being support

Impact to Date

Through grant-making, we helped to support efforts going towards developing resilient communities across Asia, Africa and North America.

Support Women in their Journey to Empowerment

Your support can help underserved women across all stages of their journey from empowerment, to transforming themselves, their futures, and creating a gender-equal world.

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